How It Works



Our mission is to spread happiness through happy translators, interpreters, and clients.

For professional translators and interpreter, this means no middleman, no job bidding, the freedom of setting their own fees, having control over their services, and who they choose to work with.  

For the clients, this means working directly with ethical, and professional translators and interpreters committed to quality and value.  Learn more about us.




We help translators and interpreters make a living doing what makes them happy.  We help clients get professional translation and interpretation services thus making them happy with the end result.


All members will be honest and represent themselves accurately.  Translators and interpreters will only apply for jobs within their representations, resources, time, credentials, experience, education, expertise, qualifications, abilities, specialties, certifications, and responsibilities.  Clients will only enter into agreements and contracts they intend to honor.


Translators and interpreters set their own fees.   Keeping in mind that no two jobs are the same and some require more work or less than others. Fees reflect quality, and professionalism.  


All translators, interpreters, and clients provide public information to verify their profile which helps promote lasting business relationships between professionals and clients.


All members are treated with the same respect.  There is no individual member or other third-party service advertised, featured, ranked or highlighted on the site.  Members are featured individually, in their own profile. The translators and interpreters profiles reflect the individuals own merits, accomplishments, hard work, education, qualifications, certifications, experience, etc.


We at eLingual.Net will donate a portion of the profits to honorable non-profits.  As we grow together, we are committed to giving back to our local community and beyond.


Since language is our business we strive for clear communication!  We will always make every effort to improve.  Share your ideas, help us improve our community. We encourage questions, feedback, and comments on our social media outlets, our Trello board or via email ( to maintain an open line of communication.


ClientsFree forever.
1. POST. Register and complete your profile. Once you are verified you can post your job(s), it's free. Describe your job details, skills, experience, credentials and anything else your are looking for in a professional.
2. HIRE. Review profiles and contact those who you wish to 'interview', ask additional questions and request a quote. Pick the best professional for your job.
3. PAY. Once your job is completed, as mutually agreed by the parties, immediately pay the translator or interpreter directly. 

Translators and Interpreters  Free to use forever with options to upgrade to Gold for extras.
1. GET STARTED. Register, complete your profile.  Highlight your skills, experience, education, credentials, and accomplishments.
2. GET HIREDApply  for the jobs you want and qualify for.  The client will be notified when you apply for their job.  If you are chosen for the job, we will notify you.
3. GET PAID. Once you complete the job, as both parties agreed upon, you will receive payment directly from the client.

What is eLingual.Net?  eLingual.Net is the first of its kind, a fair, no middleman, no bidding, ethical and transparent meeting place for professional translators, interpreters and clients.

Why must I verify my profile?  We verify all our members (translators, interpreters and clients) profiles in order to keep the community clear of people who do not share our mission, core values, quality, requirements, professionalism and standards.

Who sets the translator and interpreter fees?  Each professional translator and interpreter sets their own fees.

How does eLingual.Net work?  It is very easy!  Translators, interpreters and clients create and verify their profile.  Client membership is free.  Basic translator and interpreter membership is free.  Clients post jobs for translators and interpreters to fulfill.

What is 'quality'?  We define this as the best possible translation or interpretation.  This means ensuring the participation of qualified and certified professional translators and interpreters.

Why do some translators and interpreters charge drastically different fees?  There are several reasons for varying fees, one example is working with a translator or interpreter who has a particular field of expertise versus one who only has general knowledge.  Those who have proven, qualified specialties will typically command a higher fee.  Think twice before you hire an 'expert' whose fees are minimum wage or below.  For more information read our blog 10 Factors that Help Determine Translation and Interpretation Language Services Cost  

How do I know if a translator or interpreters is any good?  Professional translators and interpreters are not cheap, nor should they be.  So use common sense, if the fee is too low, that means you might get inexperienced a poor translator or interpreter.
Clients should make a proper evaluation of their profiles, to determine if they have the skill set and experience needed.   Clients can also start the professional with a small job or test to evaluate their services.  For more tips read our blog What a Translation Test Is and What It Is Not.

Can I speak with someone at eLingual.Net?  Of course.  If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email us at or call us at 1.805.415.7432.

Can I change my membership or cancel my membership later?  Of course.  You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your membership at any time.  Everything is month-to-month.  No contracts.

Does eLingual.Net protect my privacy?  It is our number one priority to make sure you feel safe and secure using the eLingual.Net platform.  Read our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy for more information.


Why should I join eLingual.Net?  You will be part of a community that can help shape our profession.  eLingual.Net will help you supplement your income, build and manage a job and client base so you can establish lasting business relationships.

How much does it cost to sign up?  eLingual.Net is free to use forever with options to upgrade to Gold for extras.  eLingual Gold is $10 monthly.  Gold features: 1) Advance jobs searches. 2) View and apply for jobs immediately after they are posted. 3) Rate clients.  4) Receive star ratings from clients. 5) Tax deduction (in most areas). 6) Happiness.

How does payment work?  Payment is arranged between you and your clients.